The Garden Concierge, Inc is a garden maintenance company serving clientele in the Greater Boston and Newport, Rhode Island areas.

Our services are based in sound horticultural practice and design knowledge enabling us to nurture and sustain vigorous and aesthetically pleasing gardens that our clients will have for years to come.

Our health and aesthetic maintenance services also known as our Verdura Services proactively monitor and nurture the plant materials on your property. Our managed services also known as our Concierge Services manage and coordinate other garden and property related services.

  • Perennial and Annual Care: deadheading, dividing, and transplanting when necessary.
  • Woody Ornamental (shrub) Pruning: hand pruning of all shrub material as needed in order to maintain a healthy structure and pleasing form.
  • Tending of Plant Beds: providing regular weeding, and monitoring soil moisture levels, as well as insect and pest activity.
  • Plant selection and placement: selecting and placing plants while paying special attention to your preferences in color, texture and composition.
  • Container Planting: selecting plants for your containers and providing seasonal change outs.

  • Managed Services: collaboration with your property’s existing landscape service providers, and/or arrangement for the services of other landscape providers.
  • Special Event Preparation: working with you and/or your event planner to prepare for parties, holiday events, or other special occasions.

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